Might as well give all 4 of you an update.

2014-10-18 12:45:32 by CaritasGaming

I know you guys saw DMWMB. It's a WIP, in case you were wondering. I ran out of space in the title. Whatever. I'm currently working on the full version of it. Gonna rename it, cause there's not as much bass as I expected. Got a few options:

  • Fallout
  • Bipolar
  • Nuclear

Feel free to give me some ideas, and PLEASE comment on the WIP. I want to know what to improve. Also, follow me on Twitter. I post some occasional updates there as well.

One last thing, this was my feed on Soundcloud immediately after posting DMWMB:

4923419_141365063591_soundcloudfeed.pngYeah. I was excited.



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